ARPEE Association

ARPEE Asociation have important targets on the Energy Efficiency domain

  • Sustain European directives implementation and attending to legislation elaboration and national regulations in the Energy Efficiency domain.
  • Promote the best measures and technologies that are energy and environmental efficient.
  • Ensure the communication and collaboration with the institutional, regulatory and legislative authorities concerning the consolidation of the national policy in the Energy Efficiency field.
  • Organize, support and participate in the actions and measures of the authorities and relevant organizations and investors to establish a national strategy regarding the Energy Efficiency.
  • Cooperate with public or private institutions, with associations and similar organizations in the country or abroad, on issues of common matters.
  • Promote buildings’ energy rehabilitation, high efficiency cogeneration and centralized district heating, the best technologies in producing and using energy in the industry areas, voluntary agreements in reducing the energy losses, modern metering, billing and controlling systems, recommended for the smart energey networks.
  • Stimulate financing mechanisms of Energy Efficiency, of energy audits, encouraging energy services companies (ESCO), inform the consumers about legal framework in Energy Efficiency field.
  • Present informative materials, organize conferences, symposiums, workshops, seminars in order to promote the purpose and the objectives of the Association.
  • Represent the domain within the European professional organizations.