Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Romania – Opportunities and challenges of the new European Energy Union Bucharest


On the 23rd of June 2015 Romanian Senate is organising a debate that brings together Romanian and foreign experts, MEPs and National Parliament Members, members of European Commission, Government Representatives, Industry, NGOs, Scientists and other stakeholders.


Romanian Energy Efficiency Summit 2015


The Diplomat-Bucharest and ARPEE as strategic partner organize
“ROMANIAN ENERGY EFFICIENCY SUMMIT 2015” on June 12, at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bucharest. On the topic of the current guidelines of Energy Efficiency legislation and the way the law is reflected in the practice of The National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency in Romania.

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Biomass, Biogass and Cogeneration – Romania 2015 National Conference


The considerable development potential of Biomass & Cogeneration energy in Romania will be debated at “The Biomass and Cogeneration – Romania 2015″ National Conference, organised bu ARPEE and Govnet on the 11th of June, 2015 at Hotel Intercontinental, Sala Ronda, Bucharest.

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Energy Efficiency in Urban Environment


CCIFER, French Embassy, French Institute, Business France si CCEF is organizing together with ARPEE and some other partners the event ” Energy Efficiency in Urban Environment” on the 4th of June, at Hotel Pullman.

The participants are public authortities, companies and professional associations from Romania and France aiming the best practices and identification of the opportunities in the sector.

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Romania ENERGY DAY 2015 – Brussels


Romanian Energy Center – CRE – is organizing on the 26th May 2015 the annual event “Romania Energy Day 2015” at European Parliament from Brussels.

This has the following topics:
1. Facilitating Investments and Security in Indispensable Electricity Infrastructure;
2. Single EU Energy Market;
3. Sustainable Oil and Gas Infrastructure Corridors – Challenges and Opportunities for Central and South Eastern Europe.

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Romanian Energy Awards 2015


The fourth edition of the Romanian Energy Awards organized by The Diplomat – Bucharest took place in 12 May, starting 7 P.M. at Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest, bringing together the Who’s Who in the energy and natural resources sector in Romania.

The Romanian Energy Awards categories (18) recognize the outstanding success of firms and individuals in special projects and areas of business as well as overall involvement in the development of the country’s business climate.

This is a high profile event, attended by most important representatives from the Romanian government, senior figures from Romania’s business and civil society and the energy and natural resources sector community at top level.

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Energy Efficiency Development In Romania – Lighting Industry Forum 2015


On the 5th March 2015 we are inviting you to participate to Romanian Lighting Industry Forum – Energy Efficiency Development In Romania organized by GOVNET and ANRE, AMR, ARPEE and other professional associations as sponsors, at HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL, BUCHAREST

The forum is dedicated to present solutions for energy efficiency in lighting, to discuss challenges and opportunities of developing and implementing programs for sustainable energy use.

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Thermal Energy Forum 2015


On the 19th February 2015 The Diplomat–Bucharest organized the first forum dedicated to thermal energy, under auspices of ANRE and ANRSC, together with ARPEE and COGEN as strategic partners.

Of the three sub-sectors of the energy industry in Romania, the thermal energy supply is by far in the most deficient situation.
In countries with free economies, the central heating system proved to be a sustainable method, delivering a minimum cost for heavy populated cities. In the transition economies, the central heating system is widely spread but it requires serious upgrading in order to become competitive in terms of performances and costs.

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Energy Breakfast Club – “From MegaWatthour to NegaWatt hour”


On the 5th November 2014 ARPEE participated to the event organized by Dalkia Romania/ Veolia Energie and Energynomics, in Cesianu Racovița Palace, Bucharest on subject “From MegaWatthour to NegaWatthour”.
There were approximatively 50 specialists interested in building energy efficiency, consumptions reduction and costs optimization.

The National Energy Efficiency Forum in Romania, 2014 edition – Energy Efficiency sustaining final consumers


Following its objectives ARPEE organized with Govnet, The National Energy Efficiency Forum in Romania, 2014 edition. If in 2013 edition of the Forum ARPEE developed the first “White Book on Energy Efficiency” in Romania, this year ARPEE proposed the subject “Policies, Measures and Best Practices in the field of Energy Efficiency” together with 170 specialits in the field, including representatives of central and local public authorithies.
The event took place on the 9th of October, at Intercontinental Hotel, Bucharest.

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Message of Mr. Mihnea Constantinescu – Ambassador with Special Assignments for Energy Security Romania
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Message of Dr. ing. Gheorghe Balan, General Executive Director, CNR – CME
Media Clipping Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2014
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