Energy Efficiency Development In Romania – Lighting Industry Forum 2015


On the 5th March 2015 we are inviting you to participate to Romanian Lighting Industry Forum – Energy Efficiency Development In Romania organized by GOVNET and ANRE, AMR, ARPEE and other professional associations as sponsors, at HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL, BUCHAREST

The forum is dedicated to present solutions for energy efficiency in lighting, to discuss challenges and opportunities of developing and implementing programs for sustainable energy use.

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Thermal Energy Forum 2015


On the 19th February 2015 The Diplomat–Bucharest organized the first forum dedicated to thermal energy, under auspices of ANRE and ANRSC, together with ARPEE and COGEN as strategic partners.

Of the three sub-sectors of the energy industry in Romania, the thermal energy supply is by far in the most deficient situation.
In countries with free economies, the central heating system proved to be a sustainable method, delivering a minimum cost for heavy populated cities. In the transition economies, the central heating system is widely spread but it requires serious upgrading in order to become competitive in terms of performances and costs.

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Energy Breakfast Club – “From MegaWatthour to NegaWatt hour”


On the 5th November 2014 ARPEE participated to the event organized by Dalkia Romania/ Veolia Energie and Energynomics, in Cesianu Racovița Palace, Bucharest on subject “From MegaWatthour to NegaWatthour”.
There were approximatively 50 specialists interested in building energy efficiency, consumptions reduction and costs optimization.

The National Energy Efficiency Forum in Romania, 2014 edition – Energy Efficiency sustaining final consumers


Following its objectives ARPEE organized with Govnet, The National Energy Efficiency Forum in Romania, 2014 edition. If in 2013 edition of the Forum ARPEE developed the first “White Book on Energy Efficiency” in Romania, this year ARPEE proposed the subject “Policies, Measures and Best Practices in the field of Energy Efficiency” together with 170 specialits in the field, including representatives of central and local public authorithies.
The event took place on the 9th of October, at Intercontinental Hotel, Bucharest.

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Message of Mr. Mihnea Constantinescu – Ambassador with Special Assignments for Energy Security Romania
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Message of Dr. ing. Gheorghe Balan, General Executive Director, CNR – CME
Media Clipping Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2014
Focus Energetic – Revista presei ANRE

Energy consumption decline – threat or opportunity


Conference was organized by The Diplomat Bucharest, in September 30, Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest.

Representatives of the Romanian Ministry of Economy and Energy Department and of the national energy regulatory bodies will meet key players in both electricity and gas business to share their views on the actual economy paradox: lower electricity and gas consumption in days of economic growth.

On this discussion the participants were searching for clues, shared ideas and tried to turn on the light over the interesting situation that energy business in Romania is facing these days.

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WEC Central & Eastern Europe Regional Energy Forum – FOREN 2014


The 12th WEC Central & Eastern Europe Regional Eenergy Forum – FOREN 2014 – the most important multi-energy (biannual) event in Central and Eastern Europe, gathering more than 1000 participants – was held at the Palace of the Parliament – Bucharest, Romania, during 22-26 June 2014.
The event was organized by the WEC Romanian National Committee, under the auspices of the Government of Romania, under the leadership of the World Energy Council (WEC) and with the support of WEC Member Committees in Central and Eastern Europe.

On the 24th June 2014, from 14 to 18, it was taken place the workgroup (WSS2) “Energy Efficiency – Policies, measures, best practices” and it was organized by ARPEE.

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Intact Media Group Event: Exports – Engine of increasing for Romania


On the 19th June 2014 it was held the event “Exports – Engine of increasing for Romania”. At the event energy was a central issue and ARPEE attended and presented some points of view.

Energy efficiency, a must for sustainable development

The goal of the 8th edition, the conference organized by MEDA Consulting in Bucharest on March 27th 2014, was to establish the way in which stakeholders in the energy sector will contribute to the transposition and implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED).

The energy efficiency must become a key priority for Romania.

In this context, there are several ways to act:
– draw-up a national strategy for the implementation of specific regulations and the improvement of the institutional framework in order to grant energy efficiency the appropriate importance;
– increase awareness of all stakeholders, along with a voluntary financing policy.

The White Book (ro)

Energy – Europe 2030 Climate Changes

On March 13th 2014 the Energy – Europe 2030 Climate Changes seminar took place; the seminar was organized by TERRA Mileniul III and The National School for Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA). During this seminar, the pre-requisites for the energy efficiency to become a priority for Romania and the necessary actions for establishing an investment-favorable climate in energy efficiency were discussed.


Energy – Europe 2030 Climate Changes

The EFFECT Regional Conference: public procurement of energy in the North-East Region

During the conference organized by the North-East Regional Development Agency, at the Business and Exhibition Center in Bacau, on February 27th 2014, it was established that energy efficiency represents an important solution for Romania’s economic recovery.

Preliminary data show that Romania has achieved important savings of overall energy against the target assumed to the European Commission, but the important factor in this direction was the economic recession and not investments in using energy.


The EFFECT Regional Conference: public procurement of energy in the North-East Region – BACAU

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