Energy – Europe 2030 Climate Changes

On March 13th 2014 the Energy – Europe 2030 Climate Changes seminar took place; the seminar was organized by TERRA Mileniul III and The National School for Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA). During this seminar, the pre-requisites for the energy efficiency to become a priority for Romania and the necessary actions for establishing an investment-favorable climate in energy efficiency were discussed.


Energy – Europe 2030 Climate Changes

The EFFECT Regional Conference: public procurement of energy in the North-East Region

During the conference organized by the North-East Regional Development Agency, at the Business and Exhibition Center in Bacau, on February 27th 2014, it was established that energy efficiency represents an important solution for Romania’s economic recovery.

Preliminary data show that Romania has achieved important savings of overall energy against the target assumed to the European Commission, but the important factor in this direction was the economic recession and not investments in using energy.


The EFFECT Regional Conference: public procurement of energy in the North-East Region – BACAU

Energy efficiency, a solution for the sustainable growth of the Romanian economy


On January 23rd 2014, within the press conference organized by the Romanian Association for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency (ARPEE) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest (CCIB), the White Book ‘Energy efficiency in Romania’ was launched; this book was drawn-up by the Romanian Association for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency (ARPEE).

“The founding members of ARPEE are nine important private companies from Romania (ABB, Alstom, Dalkia, EnergoBit, Elcomex, GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, Lafarge, OMV Petrom and PricewaterhouseCoopers), who started from the premises that energy efficiency is a key priority for Romania, especially due to the transposition of the new Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/UE), in order to capitalize upon the outstanding energy saving potential in the country” pointed out Gilles Humbert, President of ARPEE.

Starting from these considerations, the paper reflects the ARPEE engagement to get involved, together with other public institutions in the efforts to improve energy efficiency in Romania and approached topics such as: the legal framework, energy efficiency services, energy performance of buildings, cogeneration and urban heating, voluntary agreements, energy efficiency of electric systems, promoting investments in the sector, improvement of the institutional framework.

ARPEE Press Release

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Energy efficiency in public and residential buildings

Organized by the City Hall of Iasi on November 25th 2013, the conference debated upon topics such as the energy modernization of residential and central administration buildings, the promotion of efficient cogeneration, centralized urban heating and energy from renewable sources. The main factors highlighted which influence the efficiency of centralized heating as well as the affordability of invoices, analysed in the Romania’s current economic and social context.


Eficienta energetica in cladirile publice si de locuit-Iasi

Energy Efficiency Forum in Romania


Romanian Association for Promoting Energy Efficiency (ARPEE) is developed the first White Book on Energy Efficiency in Romania.
During a work meeting, organized with the National Bank of Romania (BNR) and the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), the bases to this document very important to the Romanian economy, were set up. The event took place on the 15th November 2013, in the process of the transposing of Energy Efficiency Directive (2012.27.EU) in Romania.

The debate was attended by representatives of the Government, central and local authorities, the European Commission, the Romanian Parliament and MEPs, energy regulators, the Association’s founding companies, consultants, and internal and international funders.

Romania has a large efficiency potential regarding the consumption but also production, transport and distribution of energy, and identifying new energy efficiency measures designed to stimulate citizens , public authorities and industry to better manage their energy consumption will be an important step in limiting the impact on the energy bill.

ARPEE Press Release AGERPRESS Press Release

EU – Sustainable Energy Week


In order to help promoting energy efficiency in Romania, the Romanian Association for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency (ARPEE) and the Association of Energy Policy (APER) have organized the conference “Heating in Romania”.

Representatives of the official institutions and wellknown specialists in the field will hold presentations and will debate perspectives for this sector in Romania.

The event is part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) in 2013 and contributes to the achievement of European targets for energy and environment in 2020, regarding emissions of greenhouse gases, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The event takes place during the week 24-28 June 2013, together with other 900 events across Europe.

During the conference there will be debated subjects such as:
• Political and economic decisions that affected central heating in Romania;
• ANRE concerns for the optimization of cogeneration plants;
• Considerations on vulnerable consumers protection in Romania;
• Integrated district heating system in Bucharest;
• Heat consumers’ points of view.

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