Enel Romania

Present on the Romanian market since 2005, Enel is one of the biggest private investors in Romania, in the energy sector, with activity in supply and distribution of electricity, but also in generation from renewables.

Enel carries out an investment plan that assures an adequate service for end users, improvement of grid quality, while respecting environmental standards.

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Ciurtin & Associates

Established in 2003, ECOVIS CIURTIN & Associates stands since its inception at the forefront of legal and business practice in Romania, advising national and international beneficiaries on their management decisions and operational choices, with a degree of success hard to achieve by others. Acting in fluid but fairly constant teams of experts is key to understand the way we function.

Adrian Ciurtin, founder and Managing Partner at ECOVIS CIURTIN & Associates, devotes a lot of time for gathering, training and leading teams of professionals in law and business, capable of moving fast and confident in national and international transactions that require physical and intellectual concentration, knowledge and strategic depth.
Moreover, Adrian Ciurtin thinks that a corporate counselor needs to have skin-in-the-game and to correlate the legal and business opinions with his own economic behavior. Thus, he became an investor and operator of several ventures, creating and managing prosperous businesses in insurance, real-estate and financial services.

Our unique cross-border organizational structure materializes itself in a close and long relationship with our national and foreign clients. Granting full attention to ongoing engagements led to the creation of a long list of business partners that come back for more, recognizing our quality of service and legal excellence.
Starting with practices in business law and litigation, the company adapted year after year its operations to market necessities, growing and performing better and better. At the present, the law office is capable to carry a company through insolvency, or to offer complex legal, financing and business solutions to companies from various economic sectors.

Areas of practice

• Traditional & Innovative Financing
• Energy
• Real Estate, Hotels & Logistics
• Utilities & Infrastructure
• Technology & Innovations
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Medical & Pharma
• Litigation
• Corporate Law
• Criminal Law
• Commercial Litigation

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Please note that TIAB SA is part of the VINCI Energy France and we are involved in execution of design, electrical installation works, commissioning and maintenance from different areas of the Romanian market (110/20/0.4 kV power substations, wind and/or PV plants, industry, oil & gas , infrastructure, railway, subway, HVAC, WWTP projects, irrigation, low currents, etc. .) can address through our agencies (the number 14) complex “turnkey “ projects both as main contractor or specialty subcontractor.
We are fully certify ISO, ANRE, INSEMEX, etc. and having our own testing & commissioning team PRAM as well, SC TIAB SA turnover is arr. 45 mil. Euro and 750 employees able to cover all regions.

Examples of energy efficiency
SC TIAB has been involved in execution of different projects for modernization of pumping stations belongs to the irrigation systems and waste water treatment projects as well using solutions and hight efficiency equipment.
A turnkey project for “Hight efficiency of HVAC system” for 240.000 cm/h, 1.4 MW cooling system, DCV system for cigars plant has been executed, also.
In the current concerns TIAB SA aims and propose solutions for reducing consumption of utilities in order to optimize them but also improve energy efficiency projects of our partners.

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Thermaflex S.R.L.

Thermaflex is a privately owned company with its headquarter in The Netherlands, active in more than 40 countries worldwide and operating 5 production plants. Sustainable and energy efficient heating and cooling distribution in buildings and district energy networks is the core business.

Starting in 1976 as a manufacturer of insulation materials, Thermaflex has since built extensive knowledge in creating highly efficient and sustainable thermal distribution networks. This has driven innovations to develop optimal solutions, anticipating the markets’ needs.
Awareness of the total costs of heating and cooling networks is rapidly increasing. Optimisation and smart designs offer more options and choices to important added value. Thermaflex focusses on minimizing “total cost of ownership” and maximizing the speed of implementation of these networks.

In co-creation with its stakeholders, Thermaflex even make things possible that were considered impossible. Entering into dialogue with customers to develop innovative ideas and introduce individualized service features is one of the goals.

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ALRO Romania

ALRO is part of the international industrial and investment group Vimetco NV, which operates in the aluminium industry.
Alro’s primary aluminium facilities are located in Slatina and currently comprise a smelter and processing facilities, including a cast house, hot and cold rolling mills. The company also owns two other companies: manufacturer of aluminum profiles, Vimetco Extrusion Slatina, and alumina plant Alum SA Tulcea.
Main products: aluminum and aluminum alloy billets & wire rod; sheets, strips and coils of aluminum and aluminum alloys. It is the largest electricity industrial consumer from Romania.

Examples of energy efficiency
In the past years, Alro succeeded to reduce the electricity consumption per tonne of aluminium by over 75%, for flat rolled products, while the natural gas consumption decreased by more than 90%, during this period. The direct electricity consumption for the entire production process of the smelter was 10% lower in 2014, compared to 2003, while the total natural gas consumption was 30% lower.

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Adrem Invest

Adrem Invest is a company that provides integrated services in the distribution of electricity, natural gas and energy from renewable sources. As of August 2014, Adrem Invest, part of ABBC holding, took over the entire portfolio of Integrated Services Division and kept the company name of Adrem Invest. With over 750 employees, Adrem Invest ensures a national coverage of its services having more than 30 operations centers.

Through all the services we provide, Adrem Invest aims to reduce the consumption of electricity and eliminating waste in order to increase energy efficiency and the competitiveness of our customers’ projects.

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Top solutions in the electric-energetic field
General contracting of electrical installations works; production of MV and LV equipment, lighting fixtures; operation of energetic installations; consultancy for energy efficiency and renewable programs; energy audit; design and specialized electrical engineering services.

Examples of energy efficiency
Works of constructions, assembling and electric connections for a natural gas cogeneration engine of 1.5 MW (District Heating Cluj). Feasibility study, electric connections and activation of a 1.4MW cogeneration unit on biomass, ORC type (with organic fluids), in 2012 at Sortilem, Dej. Turnkey including operation and maintenance 0.5 MW Biogas Cogeneration on waste from food industry at Carniprod Tulcea. BOOT project of 0.5 MW Generation G2P from gas probe at OMW Petrom, site Amaru. Turnkey including maintenance 66 kW Natural Gas Cogeneration at City Plaza Hotel Cluj Napoca. Efficient lighting system in Turda – retrieving electricity bill.

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CRH Romania

CRH Romania is a member of CRH plc, a leading global building materials group. The company has activities in the cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete production and owns almost 40 industrial sites around the country. CRH Romania provides an innovative approach and an integrated solution for construction companies, developers and architects.

Examples of efficient energy use
The waste co-processing stations located in the Hoghiz and Medgidia plants are using alternative fuels in order to increase the efficiency of the cement production process. We are actively contributing to reduce chlorine level from the flue gases and also the emissions. At the same time, we enhance the synergies within the communities and increase the economic competitiveness of Romania.

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Alstom Infrastructure Romania SRL

Reliable partner of Romania in the energy field for over 20 years, Alstom Infrastructure Romania provides equipment, services and integrated solutions to its customers in the energy production field – thermal, hydro, wind and nuclear.
Member of General Electric Group since November 2015.

Examples of energy efficiency
Improvement of efficiency in combined cycle power plants and through the implementation of new technologies in renewables field (wind, hydro, solar).

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OMV Petrom S.A.

OMV Petrom is the largest integrated oil and gas group in South-Eastern Europe, with an annual oil and gas production of approximately 66 mn boe. The Group has a refining capacity of 4.2 mn tons / year and owns an 860 MW high efficiency power plant and a 45 MW wind park. OMV Petrom is present on the oil products retail markets in Romania and neighbouring countries through approximately 800 filling stations.
OMV, Austria’s largest listed industrial company, holds a 51.01% share in OMV Petrom. The Romanian state, via the Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Enterprises and Business environment, holds 20.64% of OMV Petrom shares, the Property Fund holds 18.99% and 9.36% is free float on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.
In the last nine years investments for the consolidation and modernization of OMV Petrom amounted to EUR 10 bn. The annual direct, indirect and induced impact of OMV Petrom in Romania’s GDP is around 5%.

Examples of energy efficiency
Commissioned in 2012, the gas fired power plant in Brazi (860 MW) built by OMV Petrom has an efficiency of 57%. In 2011, the company began commercial operation of the wind farm in Dorobantu (45 MW).

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