Ciurtin & Associates

Established in 2003, ECOVIS CIURTIN & Associates stands since its inception at the forefront of legal and business practice in Romania, advising national and international beneficiaries on their management decisions and operational choices, with a degree of success hard to achieve by others. Acting in fluid but fairly constant teams of experts is key to understand the way we function.

Adrian Ciurtin, founder and Managing Partner at ECOVIS CIURTIN & Associates, devotes a lot of time for gathering, training and leading teams of professionals in law and business, capable of moving fast and confident in national and international transactions that require physical and intellectual concentration, knowledge and strategic depth.
Moreover, Adrian Ciurtin thinks that a corporate counselor needs to have skin-in-the-game and to correlate the legal and business opinions with his own economic behavior. Thus, he became an investor and operator of several ventures, creating and managing prosperous businesses in insurance, real-estate and financial services.

Our unique cross-border organizational structure materializes itself in a close and long relationship with our national and foreign clients. Granting full attention to ongoing engagements led to the creation of a long list of business partners that come back for more, recognizing our quality of service and legal excellence.
Starting with practices in business law and litigation, the company adapted year after year its operations to market necessities, growing and performing better and better. At the present, the law office is capable to carry a company through insolvency, or to offer complex legal, financing and business solutions to companies from various economic sectors.

Areas of practice

• Traditional & Innovative Financing
• Energy
• Real Estate, Hotels & Logistics
• Utilities & Infrastructure
• Technology & Innovations
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Medical & Pharma
• Litigation
• Corporate Law
• Criminal Law
• Commercial Litigation

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