Please note that TIAB SA is part of the VINCI Energy France and we are involved in execution of design, electrical installation works, commissioning and maintenance from different areas of the Romanian market (110/20/0.4 kV power substations, wind and/or PV plants, industry, oil & gas , infrastructure, railway, subway, HVAC, WWTP projects, irrigation, low currents, etc. .) can address through our agencies (the number 14) complex “turnkey “ projects both as main contractor or specialty subcontractor.
We are fully certify ISO, ANRE, INSEMEX, etc. and having our own testing & commissioning team PRAM as well, SC TIAB SA turnover is arr. 45 mil. Euro and 750 employees able to cover all regions.

Examples of energy efficiency
SC TIAB has been involved in execution of different projects for modernization of pumping stations belongs to the irrigation systems and waste water treatment projects as well using solutions and hight efficiency equipment.
A turnkey project for “Hight efficiency of HVAC system” for 240.000 cm/h, 1.4 MW cooling system, DCV system for cigars plant has been executed, also.
In the current concerns TIAB SA aims and propose solutions for reducing consumption of utilities in order to optimize them but also improve energy efficiency projects of our partners.

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