Thermaflex S.R.L.

Thermaflex is a privately owned company with its headquarter in The Netherlands, active in more than 40 countries worldwide and operating 5 production plants. Sustainable and energy efficient heating and cooling distribution in buildings and district energy networks is the core business.

Starting in 1976 as a manufacturer of insulation materials, Thermaflex has since built extensive knowledge in creating highly efficient and sustainable thermal distribution networks. This has driven innovations to develop optimal solutions, anticipating the markets’ needs.
Awareness of the total costs of heating and cooling networks is rapidly increasing. Optimisation and smart designs offer more options and choices to important added value. Thermaflex focusses on minimizing “total cost of ownership” and maximizing the speed of implementation of these networks.

In co-creation with its stakeholders, Thermaflex even make things possible that were considered impossible. Entering into dialogue with customers to develop innovative ideas and introduce individualized service features is one of the goals.

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