Veolia Energie Romania S.A.

Supplier of integrated energy services (thermal energy, electric energy, energy efficiency services, industrial utilities), Veolia Energie Romania can be found in Bucharest-Ilfov, Ploiesti and Iasi.
Our continuous quest for energy efficiency is visible in our results:

Examples of energy efficiency
Since the beginning of the Concession Contract in Ploiesti (2004), we managed to: reduce by 30% the primary energy (especially natural gas) used to produce 1 unit of heat; we reduced emissions: 46% of CO2, 94% of SO2, 44.3% of Nox; we reduced the losses on heating networks- under 14%.
Since the beginning of the Concession Contract in Iasi (2012), we managed to: reduce water losses by 42%; reduce energy losses by 64%; raised continuity levels to 95,7%, as compared to 85%, before 2012.
At the level of Romania, in 2013 alone we saved 9 Ktonnes of CO2.

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